What is Night of the Living Dead: LIVE?

Acting Up Productions (AUP) will present part two of their successful “live-action” zombie event from October 26-November 4 at the Wheeler Arts Community in Indianapolis.

In 2010, Noffke directed a version of Night of the Living Dead as a fundraiser for Footlite Musicals.  It was so much fun that he and his creative team decided it should be an annual Halloween event and after opening Acting Up Productions in July of 2011, the Living Dead Live event became a reality.

Night of the Living Dead – Part 1 was performed last year at the IndyFringe theatre to sold out crowds and stellar reviews.  NUVO gave it 4 ½ stars and stated “It’s bloody, it’s disgusting and it’s everything you could want from a zombie play.”  AUP Artistic Director, R. Brian Noffke adapted Part 1 from the classic 1968 George Romero film Night of the Living Dead.  At the end of Part I, three humans (Tom, Barbara, and Ben) barely escaped from the zombies and ran from the church.  Part 2 takes place a year later.  Four webisodes, released online at www.livingdeadlive.com, will document what has transpired since Part 1. 

Night of the Living Dead – Part 2 is an original script by Noffke, which also pays homage to several favorite zombie movies. Part 2 is not what you might expect; it has new twists and turns and of course, a hoard of zombies.  The creative team is led by Noffke (Director/Designer) and AUP Company member Greg Raley-Barrett, who serves as the Makeup and Special Effects designer, photographer, web designer and webisode cinematographer.  He is currently working on his Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling through Ball State University.  Through Night of the Living Dead and other projects, he hopes to bring live theatre to a whole new audience by utilizing social media, interactivity, and various technologies.   Creative team member Roy Chamberlin bravely offered up his backyard, his house and his basement for webisode filming and rehearsals, while also serving as webisode producer, photographer, graphic designer, and videographer.   The entire creative team has had a blast creating and working with some of Indy’s finest actors, including Georgeanna Smith, Michael Shelton, Matthew Roland, Bill Wilkison, Katherine Shelton, Zach Stonerock, Matthew Goodrich, and many more!  Brian’s twin brother, Christopher Noffke, will also make an appearance.

Night of the Living Dead – Part 2 will be presented at the Wheeler Arts Center, 1035 Sanders Street, Indianapolis, October 26, 27, 31, November 1, 2, 3 at 8:00 p.m. and October 28 and November 4 at 2:30 p.m.  Tickets are $12 reserved and $15 at the door.  You may reserve tickets by calling the Box Office at 317-207-0171 or online at www.livingdeadlive.com.  Student/Senior prices are available online by paid reservation only.  Reservations are recommended

About Night of the Living Dead: part 2

It’s been a year since the “zombie virus” outbreak.  Barbara and Tom are our only survivors.  They are brought to the UCT – the “Undead Containment Team” – a safe-house and research facility attempting to find a cure.  Not all is what it seems.  Sides are taken, survivors are murdered and the zombie hoard is moving closer and closer.  But these zombies aren’t all slow.  The virus is mutating!

About Night of the Living Dead: part 1

Seven strangers hole up in an abandoned church during a horrific outbreak of a “zombie virus”.  Based on the original screenplay with a new ending, following this small group as they struggle to survive!

About Night of the Living Dead: classic

Pulled directly from the screenplay, this Film-noir version features all the classic characters from Romero’s film of the same name.  The production is in all black and white.  Barbara and Johnny are visiting their mothers grave on the eve of a zombie viral outbreak.  Holed up in an old farm house with a swarm of the walking dead moving closer and closer!