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What is Night of the Living Dead: LIVE! all about? Where did it start? What does the future hold for this unique Indy franchise?


There are many ways to participate in Night of the Living Dead: part 2. Click here to find opportunities to volunteer, learn and experience the Living Dead phenomenon.

Zombie Phenomenon

Why are zombies so popular? A brief analysis and links to additional information on this amazing cultural trend.

Acting Up Productions

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“”. . . In the style of a good B-horror movie, we often get a bit of character development before ... ”
““Holy SMOKES! “Night of the Living Dead…” I am WEAK from screaming, laughing, & shaking!” ... ”
““I loved the tension that the actors built as more and more zombies appeared around the church! Each of the ... ”
““The army of walking corpses are overwhelming and effective. It’s bloody, it’s disgusting and it’s everything you could want from ... ”